Located in the heart of East 6th Street, Licha’s has become a niche restaurant for Austinites craving a bite of interior México. The restaurant is named after owner, Daniel Brooks’ mother, Alicia “Licha” Rivera, who is one of six children raised by Pepe and Licha Rivera in Mexico City. The atmosphere at Licha’s is casual and familiar. When you are here, you are in our home and we want to cater to you. You want a tequilita? You got it. Taquito al pastor? Coming right up.

Inspired by the Mexican soulfood cooking that we were raised with, our menu is prepared by a team of passionate cooks. All of our masa products are made fresh and daily in-house and our proteins are thoughtfully brined and braised with a medley of herbs and spices. Each of our dishes – from our cazuelita de cochinita pibil, our tlacoyo de camarón con mole, to our sopes de lengua – include garnishes that are not commonly seen and offer a depth of flavor with each bite.

This dinner is Tuesday, October 17th at 7:15pm


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Licha's Cantina

1306 E 6th St

Austin, TX 78702