Three long time friends and chefs Masazumi Saio (Uchi alumni), Takehiro Asazu, and Kayo Asazu (Komé group) brought Uroko to East Austin in early 2019. While they initially set up to offer three concepts in one space: fast-casual Temaki service, cooking classes, and sushi Omakase. The COVID crisis has let the quick-thinking chefs offer to go and cooking classes such as this offering with more emphasis. 

Sign up below and receive Tuna, Spicy Tuna, Salmon, Hamachi, Saba(Mackerel), Shrimp, Ikura, Krab Salad, Avocado, Cucumber, Japanese pickles. Sushi Rice, 5 Nori seaweed, soy sauce, ginger, and wasabi (everything you need to make own temaki sushi). Pick up your kit between 4-6 pm on June 9th and join us for a virtual cooking class! 

Be sure to purchase some sake upon pick up to compliment your experience. 

This dinner is Tuesday, June 9th at 7:15pm

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