Taster’s Table Club is thrilled to partner with Erika Bongort, Antonelli’s, and Alstadt Brewery for what will be a memorable beer and cheese class. Erika has been a chef in Austin for over 20 years and became a cheesemonger in 2014.
We all love hosting people at our houses, but it is always a struggle to put together the perfect cheeseboard. During this class, we will build a Happy Hour cheese board for entertaining guests. Each participant will be provided with a quarter-pound each of 5 kinds of cheese and beers from Altstadt Brewery in Fredericksburg, TX. The accompaniments are up to you. Personalize your board with your favorite honey, jam, charcuterie, and pickles. Add your favorite bread or cracker and you have a customized cheese board. Each of the cheeses are paired with an Altstadt beer for maximum flavor experience and enjoyment.
The parings are suggested and you might find that there are multiple pairings for some of the cheeses. So grab a slate of board of your choice and let’s create tasty fun together.

This event is Thursday, July 9th at 7:00 pm

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