Since 2015 Taster’s Table Club has brought food lovers together into local restaurants for good conversation and better food at our memorable monthly dining experiences. Founders, Max Kunik and Matt Wolski loved diving into menus across the city, but noticed they also kept going back to the same places and wanted to branch out.  So they created a dining collective designed to increase access to Austin’s culinary gems. Each month members choose from restaurants offering exclusive tasting menus for the club that showcase items from their daily menu. The club affords voracious, adventurous foodies a forum to sample the multitude of new eateries springing up in the city along with tried and true greats.

Two Notes on Our Concept

Dietary Restrictions

Due to our dinner event model and the requests of the partner restaurants, we are unable to accommodate menu changes or alterations for dietary restrictions. Be sure to keep that in mind when you book your monthly dinners as the menu offered will be the menu served, without alterations.

Membership Subscription Model

Taster’s Table Club offers two different types of membership options, an annual subscription and a monthly subscription. BOTH of these memberships automatically renew until canceled by the subscriber.

We hope you are enjoying your membership and the dinner experiences. However, should circumstances present that require you cancel your membership, please login to your account, navigate to the subscriptions tab and click the cancel button BEFORE you are scheduled for renewal. To confirm your renewal date, you can navigate to the payment tab and view the date of your last transaction.

Refunds will not be offered for memberships cancelled after the renewal date.

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