The B's Kitchen

With such a passion for the culinary arts, Jimmy Bui has been a classically trained chef for most of his life.  Born and raised in Saigon (Vietnam), Jimmy worked in the food industry for years in up-scale restaurants and eventually became head chef for many commercial ships traveling overseas.


As the sweetest secret in town, our Austin restaurant will offer a touch of the classic infused with our own signature brand of decadence. This oasis of indulgence represents an evening catered to dining enthusiasts looking to indulge in all things sweet. Our new American cuisine-style menu will be aptly priced while allowing guests to surrender to a list of spirits determined to impress.

Cruzteca Mexican Kitchen

One of the early movers in Austin’s modern food truck movement has made the leap to a brick-and-mortar restaurant. Cruzteca Mexican Kitchen is the new venture from Adam Winters and Jessica Galindo Winters, owners of Mellizoz Tacos truck on South First Street. Mellizoz has been serving family tradition recipes and delicious food made with fresh ingredients.