Taster’s Table Club Members Tasting at Jjim BBQ

Jjim - Korean Braised BBQ

Join us as owner, Charlie Oh, takes us through what inspired him to open the restaurant while he walks us through his favorite menu items!Growing up in Houston Asian food holds a special place in my heart and while there are endless amazing options in Htown, Austin has a pretty scarce variety. So when I […]

Member’s Dinner with KG BBQ

Wingman Kitchens

Get ready for a fun Mediterranean night accompanied with belly dancers! Kareem El-Ghayesh, the founder and pitmaster of KG BBQ, moved to Austin, Texas in 2016 after a long career in finance in Egypt, his home country. His only goal was to learn everything about Texas BBQ. Since then, he obtained a culinary certificate, gained […]

MC Private Chef Tasting at Springdale General

Springdale General

Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. Chef Maravy Chheng grew up in a traditional Cambodian household and presents flavors inspired by this.Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. Chef Maravy Chheng grew up in a traditional Cambodian household watching her mother, Grandmother, and aunt cook all the classic Khmer comfort dishes and desserts. She had always […]

Tasting Dinner with Che Cazzo presented by Brother’s Bond bourbon

Martha's Contemporary

Che Cazzo, the American-Italian pop-up of your dreams.Che Cazzo, the American-Italian pop-up of your dreams. This team of Uchi/Uchiko alumni has been showcasing their talents at Kitty Cohens for the last year. We are super excited to bring their elevated experience to our Taster's Table Club members. Che Cazzo will be sure to bring the […]

Humble Beginnings Member Tasting

Springdale General Building 1 Lobby

This Olive & June chef is bringing his private chef abilities to Taster's Table Cub this month!Chef Stephen Hood grew up between Austin and Lafayette and had an obsession with food as long as he can remember. For Cajuns it is very much engraved into you at a young age. Watching his mom and grandma […]

Private Member Dinner with Chef Max Mentzer

Springdale General

Come join us for a night of flavors & pairings that your tastebuds will thank you for. Chef Max Mentzer has worked across the nation and at some of the best restaurants in Austin, most recently Barley Swine. He is an artist with his food and you will see techniques that are mostly seen in […]