Vespaio Tasting Dinner

Vespaio Restaurant

An Austin icon and a Taster's Table Club favorite.Vespaio ---is an iconic Austin's restaurant. Vespaio means “Wasps’ nest” in Italian, and also means “buzzing”. Anyone who takes a seat in their busy dining room and bar will quickly understand. The “buzz” and excitement is as alive today as ever. What other restaurants buy, Vespaio makes. […]

Tasting Dinner at Intero

Intero Restaurant

Experience traditional Italian techniques and preparations with a contemporary approach through the use of local, seasonal ingredients. Experience traditional Italian techniques and preparations with a contemporary approach through the use of local, seasonal ingredients. Translating to “whole”, Intero embraces the concept behind Italian cooking which stems from necessity and gratitude for what is regionally available. […]

Oakmont Food Company Tasting Dinner

Oakmont Food Company

Join us for the evening as we explore Oakmont's taste of the flavors of Texas.Oakmont Food Company showcases traditional Texas flavors and top ingredients in all of their delicious meals. This exclusive menu for Taster's Table Club will feature rotating seasonal favorites and off-menu specials for our guests only on their outdoor patio and greeted […]

Biru Cocina Peruana Tasting Dinner

Springdale General

Join us for a private dinner as Chef Julio creates and presents beautiful and delicious Peruvian cuisine that pleases every palate.Biru Cocina Peruana is the concept of Austin based Peruvian chef, Julio-Cesar Florez.A native of Lima, Peru, Julio-Cesar Florez, is extraordinarily connected to his Peruvian heritage which has served as a vocation and inspiration in […]

Authentic Greek Dinner Party with Big Fat Greek Gyros

Big Fat Greek Gyros

You’ll come for the food, learn how to dance and leave knowing how to speak Greek. Emmanuel Papadakis learned his traditional Greek cooking from his mother and his YaYa (grandmother) who originated from Crete. Since 2011, Emmanuel wanted to share the taste of authentic Greek food with his friends in the Austin community and has […]

3 Small Plates Tasting Event

Springdale General

This executive chef and owner, Chef JRodi shares her passion for entertaining and love of cooking with 3 small plates LLC. The self-taught chef draws from her European travels, residences in Spain and Germany, family experiences along with a culturally-diverse group of friends and the love of food to cultivate one-of-a-kind flavors, and dishes for […]

TTC presents Soul to Soul with Licha’s Cantina & SXSE Food Co.

Licha's Cantina

Join Taster's Table Club for a unique, 8 course tasting experience with drink pairings featuring Licha's Cantina and SxSE.Taster’s Table Club is excited to host this collaboration between Licha’s Cantina and SXSE Food Co. Licha’s Cantina chef Daniel and SXSE Chef Bob both make it their mission to share their life and culinary experiences through […]

Taster’s Table Club Member Dinner at Drop Kick Cocktail Bar & Kitchen

Drop Kick Cocktail Bar & Kitchen

Get ready to treat your tastebuds through a 7 course meal that will be filled with ceviche, anticuchos and more!Drop Kick Cocktail Bar & Kitchen is becoming one of the favorite neighborhood bars for the East 6th area. Hospitality always comes first and you will almost always see the owner, Josh Prewitt, at the bar […]

Taster’s Table Club Members Tasting at Jjim BBQ

Jjim - Korean Braised BBQ

Join us as owner, Charlie Oh, takes us through what inspired him to open the restaurant while he walks us through his favorite menu items!Growing up in Houston Asian food holds a special place in my heart and while there are endless amazing options in Htown, Austin has a pretty scarce variety. So when I […]

Member’s Dinner with KG BBQ

Wingman Kitchens

Get ready for a fun Mediterranean night accompanied with belly dancers! Kareem El-Ghayesh, the founder and pitmaster of KG BBQ, moved to Austin, Texas in 2016 after a long career in finance in Egypt, his home country. His only goal was to learn everything about Texas BBQ. Since then, he obtained a culinary certificate, gained […]

MC Private Chef Tasting at Springdale General

Springdale General

Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. Chef Maravy Chheng grew up in a traditional Cambodian household and presents flavors inspired by this.Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. Chef Maravy Chheng grew up in a traditional Cambodian household watching her mother, Grandmother, and aunt cook all the classic Khmer comfort dishes and desserts. She had always […]

Tasting Dinner with Che Cazzo presented by Brother’s Bond bourbon

Martha's Contemporary

Che Cazzo, the American-Italian pop-up of your dreams.Che Cazzo, the American-Italian pop-up of your dreams. This team of Uchi/Uchiko alumni has been showcasing their talents at Kitty Cohens for the last year. We are super excited to bring their elevated experience to our Taster's Table Club members. Che Cazzo will be sure to bring the […]